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White Aluminum Horizontal Window Blinds Blackout Roll Up Shades


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Please measure your window at first to choose the right size.
Inside installation: the blinds mount should be 1-2cm shorter than the window width.
Outside installation: the blinds mount should be 5-10cm longer than the window width.

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1. Light control: Venetian blinds are easy and effective to change the light model. Choosing the best brightness as you required.
2. Privacy protection: Dense slats will be better to protect your privacy without influence the air flowing.
3. Coldness and UV protection in winter and summer help you living a comfortable life.
4. Waterproof and mildew proof create more healthy life for your families.
5. Easy to install. All fixtures and instruction are in the package.
6. Can be trimmed the width by up to 3-5cm to meet your expectations.

Safety: Please hang the cord around the clip to keep it away from lttle child.
Trim: Venetian blinds is made of aluminum alloy. So it is a lttle difficult to trim it. Please be careful to trim it with professional tools.

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