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5Pcs Thin Mesh Laundry Bags for Delicates with Premium Zipper, Travel Storage


☘ ☘ Effect: ☘☘

☞ Easy to deal with most kinds of clothing
☞ Various specifications, easy to deal with
☞ Suit for windbreaker, tights, bra, etc. are all acceptable
☞ Anti-hook wire, anti-deformation, anti-aging, anti-entanglement, anti-wear, and cleaner.


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※※Product Details※※

❤ Rounded corner zipper design
❤ The overall round design does not hurt the clothes and hand.
❤ Ergonomic design, smooth pulling, durable and practical
❤ Comes with zipper protector
❤ Prevent machine wash damage
❤ Production of quality polyester fabric
❤ Made of high-quality polyester fabric, resistant to impact and abrasion, without blocking
❤ In the case of water flow, it is not easy to knot, pilling and deformation

☑☑ Crafting ☑☑

It is made by fine craftsmanship, adopts fine car thread craft, evenly traverses, fine sewing, difficult to open the thread, flexible and anti-tension tension, more practical.


Extended deformation travel storage, can also be used as a luggage bag, sorting and sorting travel items, Keep your luggage tidy and orderly

▒▒Adapt to the scene ▒▒

⚑ Solve the problem of clothing knotting and entanglement.
⚑ Protect the accessories and parts of the object to be cleaned from falling off easily.
⚑ Protect clothing from deformation.


➤ Commonly used laundry bags are divided into: fine net, coarse net and protective laundry bag
➤ Thick and thin mesh is flat cloth, mesh structure is different in size, protective bag is three-dimensional structure
➤ Fine mesh sales are relatively good, thick mesh is half of fine mesh, followed by protective mesh bag
➤ The composition of the laundry bag is mainly related to the thickness of the fabric and the workmanship requirements
➤ The difference in workmanship is reflected in: the needle pitch is dense and dense, the degree of fullness of the edging and the inspection product
➤ The thickness of the fabric is measured by the gram weight, which is the gram weight per square meter of fabric, the gram weight
The thicker the fabric

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 5 cm

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